Undergraduate students from a University in a Member Country (or Scientific Associate Country) of ESRF or ILL are eligible to the Summer Programme.

The number of participants is limited to approximately 20.

This programme is aimed primarily at students after their third year of university studies in a scientific subject such as physics, chemistry, biology or any other field in which neutron or X-ray techniques play a role. Second and fourth-year students are also welcome to apply. First year students are formally eligible but it might be more suitable to wait one year and apply to the next summer programme.

We expect you to have a thorough knowledge on an undergraduate level in the field of your studies, with at least some basic notions in quantum mechanics, a broad interest in various fields of science, the ability to learn quickly, and to work in an international team on subjects and with techniques which may be new to you. No specific prior experience with the application of neutrons or x-rays is required to apply.

All participants must have a good proficiency of English, which is the language used throughout the course. Students with B2 certificate (First Certificate in English) are eligible.

Please note that only undergraduate students (who - at the time of application - have not yet finished their masters degree, before the final exam) are eligible for this programme. For those who seek a course at a later stage of their studies, during a PhD-thesis or even later, there are other courses, which will be better adapted to your needs, and which are organized by various neutron and x-ray centres in Europe. We particularly recommend the Hercules course (http://hercules-school.eu/).

Important: Please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the eligibility criteria listed above. E-mails asking us whether we can make an exception will not be answered.