L. Amidani Simulations of HERFD XANES of actinide systems
C. Bacellar Ultrafast electronic and structural dynamics of heme proteins unveiled by time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy at XFELs
S. Bauters PyXES: the all-in-one beamline control and data analysis tool for HERFD/XES/RIXS
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E. Gerber Exploring the structure and properties of plutonium nanoparticles with various synchrotron methods
R. Gnewkow Potential of highly annealed graphite crystal analyzers for von Hamos spectrometers
N. Hyatt Developing laboratory based X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy for nuclear waste management
R. Ingle Carbon K-edge X-ray emission of gas phase ethylenic systems
M. Irar X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of queous electrolyte solution critical properties
N. Kawamura X-ray Emission Spectrometer at BL39XU of SPring-8
I. Kieffer SSHADE, the European solid spectroscopy database infrastructure
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S. Malyshev Novel Nd2-yCayCo1-xNixO4-drived nanocomposite POM catalysts: synthesis, catalytic performance and chemical transformations
A. Malysheva Chiral BINAM-containing macrocycles for enantioselective fluorescent detection
O. Mathon ID24-EBS project: a hard X-ray crystal analyser combined with a micro-focused beam for XAS/XES measurements
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F. Otte Temperature-induced changes in the charge and spin density of valence tautomers probed by X-ray emission and Kβ-detected absorption spectroscopy
C. Pollock Development of a 'barrel' von Hamos XES spectrometer and its application to catalytically-relevant platinum compounds
Q. Qian Development of X-ray crystal analyzers
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V. Saveleva Fe/N/C - catalysts: probing the Spin State of Iron using X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
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W. van Beek SNBL BM31: towards multi probe operando XRD + XAS + PDF
R. Verbeni Crystal Analyser Laboratory at the ESRF
H. Yu Uranium-induced changes in crystal-field and covalency effects of Th4+ in Th1−xUxO2 mixed oxides probed by high energy resolution fluorescence detected X-ray absorption spectroscopy