Monday, 11th March

H. Reichert: Opening

A. Chumakov: Opening

R. Rüffer: Welcome

A. Baron: Presentation: Perspectives and Prospectives from Momentum Resolved Studies of Atomic Dynamics

D. Andrault: Abstract: Redox state of the molten Earth's mantle - Presentation

T. Almeida: Abstract: Visualizing dynamic magnetism in nanostructures using electron microscopy - Presentation

C. Simon: Abstract: Vortices in superconductors - Presentation

I. Sergeev: Abstract: Effect of the electron-phonon coupling on phonons in iron based superconductors - Presentation

E. Alp: Abstract: 25 Years of Nuclear Resonant Scattering at ESRF-APS-Spring-8 and PETRA-III. What did we learn? What’s next?

D. Nagy: Abstract: Application of the EBS NRS nanobeam in thin-film magnetism - Presentation

R. Röhlsberger: Abstract: Sharpening spectral resolution and polarization purity of hard x-rays at the ESRF-EBS - Presentation

Tuesday, 12th March

L. Dubrovinsky: Abstract: Submicron SMS for High-Pressure Mineral Physics - Presentation

C. McCammon: Abstract: New frontiers in geoscience with submicron SMS - Presentation

E. Bykova: Abstract: Chemistry at extreme conditions: Fe-O system at ultra-high pressure - Presentation

G. Baldi: Abstract: Stress correlations and vibrational dynamics of glasses

V. Schünemann: Abstract: Nuclear resonant scattering of chemical and biological systems with focussed beams and high resolution monochromators - Presentation

S. Stankov: Abstract: Opportunities in Nanoscale Lattice Dynamics with Nuclear Inelastic Scattering at the ESRF-EBS

R. Tucoulou: Presentation: Good practices on a X-ray nanoprobe

C. Schröder: Abstract: Mineralogy and speciation of environmental iron nanoparticles with the  57-Fe Synchrotron Mössbauer Source - Presentation

Ilya Kupenko: Magnetic hematite at depths of the Earth’s transition zone

A. Baron: Summary