Time out - Grenoble Area Activities

Consult the Tourist Office web site for complete information on Grenoble (discover the city, what to do, restaurants, hotels, practical information,...)

The TOURIST OFFICE is located:
14, rue de la République - Grenoble

Tel.: +33 (0)4 76 42 41 41
Fax: +33 (0)4 76 00 18 98
E-mail: welcome@grenoble-isere.inf


You may also find useful information on the local French websites below:

Cinema - Timetable can be found there www.cinema-grenoble.com

or in Le Petit Bulletin, a copy of which is usually found at the entrance to the canteen. "La Nef" and "Le Club" usually show films in the native language with subtitles.

Bike hire - Bikes can be hired from Metro Vélo at Grenoble rail station. Details: http://www.metrovelo.fr/metro-velo-uk.php

Walking - SIPAVAG is an organisation which manages waymarked footpaths in the Grenoble area. You can catch a bus or tram to the start of all the marked paths.

Taxis Grenoblois - Tel: +33 (0)4 76 54 42 54.

See also the GIANT web site

Shops and services

Shops, banks and postal services can be found in central Grenoble. Please note that banks are closed on Saturdays afternoon, Sundays and Mondays. You will find a list of boutiques and shops at your service in and around Grenoble in the Tourist Office web site.


February in Grenoble is frequently crisp and cold. The average maximum temperature for mid-February is 8°C, and average minimum temperature 0°C. Frost and snow are possible, so you are advised to bring gloves and warm, weatherproof clothing and footwear. The forecast for Grenoble for the next 4 days is available at Yahoo Weather - Grenoble. Details of places to visit and ski resorts are available at Grenoble-Isere Tourism.

If you intend to ski, remember also to pack sunglasses and protective sun cream.