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Studélites – Résidence Carline :







All students will be accommodated in the Résidence Carline, 1 rue Roger Josserand, Grenoble from 28th August 2016 until 24th September 2016.


This Résidence is composed of 20 studios from 18 to 22 square meter and each student will have their own studio to live in. 


The arrival is scheduled for Sunday, 28th August and a person in charge of Reception will be present on that day from 12pm to 7pm to welcome the students.

On the arrival, the inventory (“Etat des lieux”)* of the studio will take place and the keys will be handed to the students. Each student will keep a copy of the “Etat des lieux” signed by both parts (the individual student and a member of the Résidence). From then, the students will be responsible to maintain the property in good order until departure. Should the students fail to comply with the preservation of the property, a part of or the full amount of the deposit may be retained by the Résidence.

The formal and legal inventory (“Etat des Lieux”) will be in French therefore should you have any queries, please do ask the person representing the Résidence at the time. You will find an English translation at the bottom of this page.


The departure will take place on Friday, 23rd or Saturday, 24th September and departure formalities will apply.


The deposit:

A deposit of 505€ is required from each student and will need to be paid either by bank transfer or by cheque a week prior arrival (20th August 2016). The Résidence will contact the students directly to communicate them the bank details.  

The deposit will be refunded to the students within a month after departure should the property be left in good order and does not require any repair or maintenance. However, should the property require any repair or maintenance at the time of departure, the Résidence reserves the right to keep hold of the deposit for a further month in order to establish the cost of the repair. The inventory carried out on the arrival and the check-out established at the time of departure will determine the amount of repair required and therefore the cost to cover all damages involved.


ID Documents:

Each student will need to provide the ESRF (a week before arrival) with copies of their ID documents (ie: passport, ID card). This will enable the Résidence to prepare the relevant documents with regards to the rent of the studios.


Each studio contain:

  • Living area: single bed, desk, armchair, 1 table & 2 chairs
  • Kitchenette: sink, fridge, hotplates, microwave
  • Bathroom: either shower or bath, toilet


A linen set will be provided to each student and will contain:

  • 1 bedsheet  
  • 1 pillow (polyester coton)
  • 1 pillow case
  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 bath towel
  • 1 fleece blanket  

An hygiene kit will be available in each studio. This kit will be made of:

  • a mattress pad
  • a shower curtain
  • a toilet brush and a toilet flap


Reception opening times:

The Résidence reception is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm.



* “Etat des lieux:

Inventory created at the start of the tenancy to record and compare the condition of the property. A detailed report is written down to establish the condition of the property on the tenant’s arrival and at the time of departure. At the check out, any areas that may affect the return of the tenant’s deposit due to necessary repair or maintenance, will be highlighted. 

Please find below the "Etat des lieux"

in English and  in French


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