The grant (available for up to 15 applicants) is given within the SYRA3 COST Action in agreement with the COST rules.

a) participants affiliated to laboratories in the Grenoble area (< 50 km) from the ESRF: 40 euro/day
for meals + 50 euro for transportation 

b) participants affiliated to laboratories 50 km <Lab<300 km from the ESRF: 80 euro/day (meals + accomodation) + 150
euro for transportation 

c) any other participant: 80 euro/day (meals + accomodation) + 300 euro for transportation.


We have pre-booked rooms at the ESRF guesthouse, that will keep low the cost of  accommodation.

Successful applicants will be informed by April 15th. Grant holders are not required to show any receipt of their expenses, but must attend the full school. 

Only participants from COST Countries and Near Neighbour Countries are allowed to obtain a grant.

There are 15 grants available  and the priority will be given to Early Stage Researchers and students based on CV and Motivation letter.

Please check the Registration page for more details.