Confirmed speakers include:

Arwen Pearson, CUI, Hamburg, Germany

Cecilia Casadei, University of Leicester, UK

Julia Richardson, University of Edinburgh, UK

Selma Maric, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Stephen Cusack, EMBL, Grenoble

Andrea Dessen, IBS, Grenoble

Catarina da Silva, CEA, Grenoble

Antoine Royant, IBS, Grenoble

Gemma Newby, ESRF, Grenoble

Manfred Burghammer, ESRF, Grenoble

Matthew Bowler, EMBL, Grenoble

Ulrich Zander, ESRF, Grenoble

Estelle Mossou, University of Keele, UK/ILL, Grenoble

Helmut Schober, Director of Science, ILL, Grenoble

Elizabeth Duke, Diamond Light Source, UK

The first half of the meeting - supported by the UK Science & Technology Funding Council - aims at presenting the strategic significance to the structural biology community of UK investment in large-scale research infrastructure. This part of the meeting will include visits to ESRF/ILL Experimental Facilities, a round table discussion and speakers including:

Florent Bernaudat, Partnership for Structural Biology, Grenoble

Harald Reichert, ESRF, Grenoble

Colin Miles, BBSRC, UK

Pamela Williams, Astex, UK

David Scott, University of Nottingham, UK

Adrian Mancuso, European XFEL, Hamburg, Germany

Andrew Harrison, Diamond Light Source, UK

Gordon Leonard, ESRF, Grenoble

Trevor Forsyth, ILL, Grenoble