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X-ray diffraction at synchrotron facilities: Crystallography of microporous and Cultural Heritage materials

HDR Defense
Start Date
25-01-2022 14:00
End Date
25-01-2022 15:30
Speaker's name
Catherine DEJOIE
Speaker's institute
Contact name
Eleanor RYAN
Host name
Catherine DEJOIE
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Catherine Dejoie’s HDR Defense on Tuesday 25 January at 2pm on Zoom (in french)

La soutenance aura lieu le mardi 25 janvier 2022 à 14h, en français, et par Zoom.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Webinaire :
Identifiant du webinaire : 912 6686 7310
Mot de passe : 265149


The research I developed over the last twelve years is based on a strategy encompassing porous materials, Cultural Heritage, and method development, using synchrotron X-ray diffraction and structure analyses. To illustrate this, I will present recent examples carried out since I joined the ESRF and the ID22 beamline in 2016. This includes the development of a new high-resolution powder data collection strategy at ID22 combining crystal analyzers with a two-dimensional detector, the in situ study of CO2 adsorption in the zeolite silicalite combining high-resolution powder diffraction and adsorption modeling, and the investigation of ancient Papyrus from the Champollion museum (Vif, Isère).

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