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X-ray nanoprobe

Group head: T. Schulli

Natural and artificial materials frequently display a very complex structure, down to the nanometer scale, that plays an essential role for its properties and function. Being able to observe and analyse such fine structures is therefore of crucial importance.

This group is involved in synchrotron-radiation-based X-ray nanoprobe techniques like absorption, phase contrast, diffraction and fluorescence that enable studies in higher spatial resolution, three-dimensional imaging, beam coherence, in situ and real-time observation. The group supports not only traditional physical, medical, materials science and engineering subjects, but also new areas for X-ray imaging, such as environmental, archaeological, palaeontological and biological studies.

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Current PhD projects:

  • Lithium Battery Positive Electrode Material Structure and Function (in partnership with Aalto University) 
  • The Relationship Between Aerospace Aluminium Alloy Composition and Damage Evolution During Thermo-Mechanical Processing (in partnership with Université Grenoble Alpes)
  • 3D Imaging of Ionic Order and Site Sensitive Li Extraction From Li Rich Layered Cathode Materials For Li Ion Batteries (in partnership with Université Grenoble Alpes)
  • Imaging Inorganic in Organic: The Synchrotron-Based Microscopic In-Depth Chemical Monitoring of Short Term And Long Term Interactions of Inorganic and Organic in Historical and Industrial Paintings and Coatings (in partnership with Amesterdam University)