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Instrumentation Services and Development Division

Division head: J.C. Biasci

The operation of a 4th generation X-ray facility heavily relies on instrumentation, such as X-ray detectors, X-ray optics, and sample environment.

X-ray optics are an essential part of all synchrotron beamlines and serve to ensure that the beam quality delivered to the sample is optimally matched to the requirements of the experiment. The ESRF X-ray Optics group works closely with beamline and engineering staff to maximise the performance of our beamlines and follow evolutions in both the source quality and scientific aims.  

The Detector Unit provides support and development capabilities in the area of X-ray detectors. It is responsible for the coordination of internal detector activities with collaborative actions linked to other facilities and laboratories.

Current PhD projects:

  • XIDER: a Novel Digital Integration Detector For The Latest Generation of Synchrotrons (in partnership with Heidelberg University)
  • Optimized Heat Transfer For X-Ray Optical Components Designed For High Vibration Stability (in partnership with University of Johannesburg and Université Grenoble Alpes)
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Scintillators For X Ray Imaging; Liquid Phase Epitaxy (in partnership with Université Lumière Lyon 2)