The Protein Support Labs comprise various protein/biochemistry equipment available in several laboratories onsite that may be required to provide support for beamline experiments. The list of available equipment is shown below.

Users who wish to use any of the listed equipment during or for the preparation of an ESRF experiment must

  • tick the "Protein Support Labs" box in the experiment session A-form, AND
  • complete and send the Protein Support Labs Form to the Local Contact by email at least 15 days before the start date of the experiment. The form allows users to indicate the equipment needed, and the Local Contact (LC) information (name, email address) is available on the A-Form.

According to your needs and the availability of the equipment, you will be redirected to the appropriate laboratory(ies).  

Please note that access to some of the labs needs to be planned in advance and will be allowed only during working hours (Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm). For every user, a specific on-site safety and building introduction (about 30 min long) will be required before accessing the lab.

List of available equipment