The Biomedical Facility (BMF) is a platform of small to medium-size laboratories, located close to ID17, tailored for biomedical research, and equipped for the preparation and analysis of a large variety of samples.

L1 & L2 cellular Biology laboratories

The L1 laboratory is devoted to the preparation of cell cultures of non-human origin, while the L2 laboratory is reserved for the manipulation of cell cultures of human origin. Equipment in these laboratories comprise biological safety cabinets, incubators running at 37 °C in a 95/5% O2/C02 mixture and a 95% hygrometry (2 of them have the possibility to run in hypoxia condition), microscopes, centrifuges, a cell counter, a plate reader, besides other standard lab equipment.

Histology laboratory

The histology laboratory is devoted to the preparation and analysis of histological samples and hosts a cryotome, a microtome, a microscope and other standard lab equipment.

Sample laboratory

The sample laboratory serves for the preparation and storage of formalin / frozen / fresh / dry excised tissues.



For any questions and other kind of experiments please contact the BMF by email