XOP Extensions

XOP extension" is a software package which is not part of the XOP standard distribution, but it can be installed optionally and run under the XOP interface.


The main XOP contains more than 20 applications that are distributed and installed with the main XOP distribution. These aplications are small in disk-space requirements and of simple use. The problem arises with other

applications that are sophisticated software packages and require larger software resources. Their inclusion in XOP is suitable because their functionality is well suited with the philosophy of XOP and in addition many of them have been designed using the concept and perhaps the libraries of XOP. However, their less-general functionality, dimension and perhaps structure make difficult the inclusion of all of them in XOP on a permanent basis. For these applications, we created the possibility to extend XOP optionally with other applications, that can be launched and used from XOP but require special installation (not distributed with XOP).



See the instructions under the different subdirectories in the "extensions" directory at the XOP ftp directory


Available extentions in XOP 2.4



These are extensions available in previous versions of XOP not yet ported to XOP 2.4

  • XAID - XAFS data analysis tools
  • INES - Inelastic x-ray scattering
  • NOP -Neutron OPtics (not yet available in xop 2.3 Beta)