All ESRF staff, CRG staff, or visitors/cybervisitors with valid ESRF accounts can access the ESRF Intranet using their site username and password.

This access goes through a device called the SSL Gateway that allows:

  • browsing the Intranet pages (caution: Web pages cannot be edited from here)

  • using various MIS Web applications (FMIS, site entrance, room booking, etc. – caution: exceptions below)

  • sharing UNIX temporary files (internally known as /tmp_14_days or T:)

  • sharing SMB Windows files (internally known as groupshare alias P:)

Please follow the left-hand menu "Web browsing, MIS applications"".


Several applications – Absence, SAP Concur (replacement of MaGELLAN), Calendar - are provided outside the SSL Gateway. Please follow the associated left-hand menu.