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Reimbursement of User Travel for Public Beamtime Experiments


We remind you about the strict implementation of the ESRF user travel rules, in particular the obligation to submit a travel request and have it approved to be eligible for reimbursement.

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This is a reminder about the strict implementation of the ESRF user travel rules, in particular:

  • Travel request obligatory: Reimbursed users must submit a travel request in SAP Concur. This travel request has to be submitted and approved 14 days prior to the outgoing (home lab to ESRF) travel date. No reimbursement can be made if an approved travel request does not exist;
  • Ensure all expected travel expenses are included in the travel request, including any shuttles, tolls etc required for transfer from the laboratory/ESRF to the airport/train station, and that the submission of the travel request is fully completed ("Submit request" button);
  • Any expenses not mentioned in the travel request will not be covered by the ESRF later (beyond 10% of the total amount of the request, and in absence of a special agreement from the ESRF);
  • Please read carefully and fully all emails sent to you from the ESRF User and Travel Offices, and follow the instructions given. If you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us (User Office: or Travel Office (

The 14-day rule

Example: a user wishing to travel to the ESRF on Monday 15th July will have until Monday 1st July inclusive to submit the travel request in SAP Concur. From Tuesday 2nd July, it will not be possible to create the travel request in the ESRF travel software and no ESRF contribution will be made towards the user travel costs.

Exceptions to this rule will only be made if the invitation for the experiment was sent less than 6 weeks before the experiment start date.

Reminder – early booking advantages

We take this opportunity to remind you that more flexible reimbursement conditions exist for users who book their travel at least 3 weeks before the travel date (details can be found here).

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators of public experiments must ensure submission of the A-form in a timely manner (ideally 6 weeks, latest 4 weeks before the experiment) to ensure the registered reimbursed users have time to make their travel requests and avail of these preferential conditions.

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