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Latest publications

Displayed below is a list of the latest publications that have been added - in the last ten days -  to the library database of peer-reviewed journal articles arising from ESRF experiments, an RSS feed of this list can be subscribed to.

For the full list of publications, please visit the library web site.

New ESRF publications

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Thermal polymorphism in CsCB11H12

Cerný R., Brighi M., Wu H., Zhou W., Dimitrievska M., Murgia F., Gulino V., de Jongh P.E., Trump B.A., Udovic T.J.,
Molecules 28, 2296-1-2296-12 (2023)

Does it "rain" diamonds on Neptune and Uranus?

Semerikova A., Chanyshev A.D., Glazyrin K., Pakhomova A., Kurnosov A., Litasov K., Dubrovinsky L., Fedotenko T., Koemets E., Rashchenko S.,
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 7, 582-588 (2023)

Roadmap on artificial intelligence and big data techniques for superconductivity

Yazdani-Asrami M., Song W., Morandi A., De Carne G., Murta-Pina J., Pronto A., Oliveira R., Grilli F., Pardo E., Parizh M., Shen B., Coombs T., Salmi T., Wu D., Coatanea E., Moseley D.A., Badcock R.A., Zhang M., Marinozzi V., Tran N., Wielgosz M., Skoczen A., Tzelepis D., Meliopoulos S., Vilhena N., Sotelo G., Jiang Z., Große V., Bagni T., Mauro D., Senatore C., Mankevich A., Amelichev V., Samoilenkov S., Yoon T.L., Wang Y., Camata R.P., Chen C.C., Madureira A.M., Abraham A.,
Superconductor Science and Technology 36, 043501-1-043501-58 (2023)