BAG meeting 8th February 2021

A BAG Meeting was held on 8th February 2021.  

The presentations given at the meeting can be found below (in the order of the agenda).

P Pernot/M. Tully : BM29 refurbishment

D. Nurizzo/ M. Bowler : MASSIF-1 refurbishment

A.Popov : Short beamline report - ID23-1
M.Nanao : Short beamline report - ID23-2
I. Melnikov : Short beamline report - ID30A-3
A.McCarthy : Short beamline report - ID30B

E. Kandiah: CM01 / SOS

Anton Popov : µfluidics for MX/BioSAXs

P.Carpentier : High pressure Freezing

S.Basu : Serial Crystallography

D. De Sanctis : The ID29 upgrade project

A. Royant : Towards time resolved icOS