ID06 (Large Volume Press)

  • Synthesis and characterisation of new frustrated S = 1/2 Kagome hydroxychlorides
  • Synthesis and characterisation of new noble metal perovskite-like materials via their hydroxide precursors
  • Deformation studies of Earth materials
  • Development of ultrasonic interferometry and application to study of mantle phases

ID15B (High Pressure Diffraction)

  • Simple metals at extreme pressures
  • Structural changes at spin transitions
  • Structural studies of low-dimensional organic conductors at high pressures

ID18 (Nuclear Resonance)

  • Glass dynamics
  • Magnetic, electric, and dynamic properties of new materials and nanotechnology (mainly extreme conditions, including ultrahigh-vacuum environments)
  • Geoscience, i.e., extreme conditions (high pressure and high temperature)
  • Development of X-ray optics and fast detector systems

ID24/BM23 (XAS and ED EXAFS)

  • Heterogeoneous catalysis for the energy sector 
  • In situ/operando time resolved studies of chemical and catalytic processes coupling X-ray absorption with infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry 
  • Development of new experimental methodologies for coupling vibrational spectroscopies with transmission X-ray methods (XAFS, diffraction) 
  • Development of new methods for interrogating ultra fast chemical proceses in catalysis (photocatalysis/laser heating) permitting synchronous XAFS/IR a time scales to a few tens of nanoseconds
  • Interplay between magnetism, local structure and electronic structure at very high magnetic fields (> 30 T) 
  • Interplay between magnetism, local structure and electronic structure in compressed matter (> 100 GPa)
  • Studies of the local and electronic structure in solid and molten matter at extreme pressures and temperatures using double sided laser heating (T > 3000 K, P > 100 GPa) 
  • Kinetics of chemical reactions at extreme conditions down to the millisecond timescale
  • Two dimensional mapping with micron resolution within the diamond anvil cell 
  • Local structural characterization for advanced materials
  • Differential XAS studies of local atomic displacements in piezoelectricity, magnetostriction, electrostriction, etc.

ID27 (High Pressure)

  • Low T and HP structural studies of Fe based superconductors using X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Structure and dynamics of simple molecular liquids at high pressure
  • Density, viscosity and structure of liquids at high pressure using XRD
  • Study of fluid-mineral interfaces at high pressure using coupled XRD and X-ray fluorescence
  • In-situ low-Z materials chemistry in the laser-heated diamond anvil cell
  • Structre/property relationships in responsive materials under pressure