Beamline ID15B is dedicated to the determination of structural properties of solids at high pressure using angle-dispersive-diffraction with diamond anvil cells.

The beam from an in-vacuum U20 insertion-device is focused by vertical and horizontal transfocator and monochromatized by Si(111) Bragg monochromator. The working energy for high pressure experiments is 30 keV with a flux of 1012 photons/s at 200 mA. The beam size on the sample is normally about 30x30 µm2 but can be made as small as 5x5 µm2 for megabar pressure experiments.

The scattered radiation is collected by an image-plate detector, an on-line Mar555 reader, which has a 430 x 350 mm (555mm diagonal) active area.

A laser spectrometer is available for pressure determination by the ruby fluorescence method.
It is also possible to perform Raman scattering experiments simultaneously.

The beamline is equipped with several membrane-type diamond anvil cells (0-40 GPa), a Liquid He cooled cryostat to perform high pressure experiments at low temperatures (down to 50 K), and external resistive heating equipment for high temperatures up to 600 K.

A Nd-YAG laser system is available externally for high temperature annealing of samples inside the diamond anvil cell.