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Temperature-driven self-doping in magnetite

Elnaggar H., Graas S., Lafuerza S., Detlefs B., Tabis W., Gala M.A., Ismail A., van der Eerden A., Sikora M., Honig J.M., Glatzel P., De Groot F.,
Physical Review Letters 127, 186402-1-186402-5 (2021)

5f states in UGa2 probed by X-ray spectroscopies

Kolomiets A.V., Paukov M., Valenta J., Chatterjee B., Andreev A.V., Kvashnina K.O., Wilhelm F., Rogalev A., Drozdenko D., Minarik P., Kolorenc J., Richter M., Prchal J., Havela L.,
Physical Review B 104, 045119-1-045119-14 (2021)

Demethylation of methylmercury in bird, fish, and earthworm

Manceau A., Bourdineaud J.P., Oliveira R.B., Sarrazin S.L.F., Krabbenhoft D.P., Eagles-Smith C.A., Ackerman J.T., Stewart A.R., Ward-Deitrich C., del Castillo Busto M.E., Goenaga-Infante H., Wack A., Retegan M., Detlefs B., Glatzel P., Bustamante P., Nagy K.L., Poulin B.A.,
Environmental Science and Technology 55, 1527-1534 (2021)

Photoactivated osmium arene anticancer complexes

Xue X., Fu Y., He L., Salassa L., He L.F., Hao Y.Y., Koh M.J., Soulié C., Needham R.J., Habtemariam A., Garino C., Lomachenko K.A., Su Z., Qian Y., Paterson M.J., Mao Z.W., Liu H.K., Sadler P.J.,
Inorganic Chemistry 60, 17450-17461 (2021)

The missing pieces of the PuO2 nanoparticle puzzle

Gerber E., Romanchuk A.Y., Pidchenko I., Amidani L., Rossberg A., Hennig C., Vaughan G.B.M., Trigub A., Egorova T., Bauters S., Plakhova T., Hunault M.O.J.Y., Weiss S., Butorin S.M., Scheinost A.C., Kalmykov S.N., Kvashnina K.O.,
Nanoscale 12, 18039-18048 (2020)