DUBBLE-ESRF User Meeting on March 6, 2020


It is our pleasure to announce the first DUBBLE user meeting after the 2019 ESRF shutdown. The meeting will take place at the Palace of Academies in Brussels (Hertogstraat 1, 1000 Brussels), located within walking distance of Brussels Central Station, on March 6, 2020 (9:30 AM – 5:30 PM).

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DUBBLE-ESRF User Meeting March 6, 2020 (9:30 AM – 5:30 PM)

It is our pleasure to announce the first DUBBLE user meeting after the 2019 ESRF shutdown. The meeting will take place at the Palace of Academies in Brussels (Hertogstraat 1, 1000 Brussels), located within walking distance of Brussels Central Station.

From the interaction of synchrotron X-ray beams with matter it is possible to deduce the structure, chemical state & composition of substances in operando and in situ from atomic to macroscopic length scales and timescales ranging from sub-milliseconds to hours. Since the beginning of 2019, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) has been rebuilding its accelerator.  Through the Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS) upgrade, all beamlines will be provided with up to 100 times more coherent and brilliant X-ray beams. This also holds for the Dutch Belgian CRG Beamlines (DUBBLE) at BM26 for SAXS/WAXS and GISAXS and at BM14 for XANES/EXAFS and μ XRF. 

The call for proposals at the ESRF public beamlines is currently open with a submission deadline of March 1st. The call for proposals at DUBBLE has a submission deadline of April 1st. Please see  https://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/CRG/BM26/HowToApply for further information. Approved experiments will commence from August 2020 onwards. Dutch and Flemish users can also apply for beam time at the Swiss-Norwegian CRG for high resolution powder diffraction experiments under a beam time exchange agreement with DUBBLE.

At the ESRF-DUBBLE user meeting we welcome experienced ESRF and DUBBLE users who wish to align their future experiments to the new possibilities offered by the EBS upgrade as well as potential new users who wish to be informed on what the ESRF and DUBBLE can offer for their research or who wish to discuss the feasibility of new scientific programs with experienced users or beam line staff. This meeting is also a forum for Dutch and Belgian Scientist (including scientist from the French speaking part of Belgium) seeking to explore new kinds of DUBBLE partnerships.

The ESRF-DUBBLE user meeting is divided into an informative morning session, a scientific afternoon session and extensive opportunities for informal discussions during the lunch and reception. Registration starts at 9:30 AM. The program ends at 5:30 PM.

  1. Registration and coffee (9:30 – 10:20)
  2. The informative morning program (10:20 - 12:30):
  • 10:20 – 10:30: Welcome
  • 10:30 – 11:00: Dr. Jean Susini (ESRF research director of Life Science): The current status of the ESRF EBS upgrade
  • 11:00 - 11:30: Dr. Roelof Van Silfhout (Beamline designer, Manchester University): The upgraded DUBBLE spectroscopy beam line (BM14)
  • 11:30 – 11:50: Dr. Dipanjan Banerjee (DUBBLE project leader): DUBBLE beamlines following ESRF - EBS upgrade : A status update.
  • 11:50 – 12:10: Prof. Matthieu Boone (Universiteit Gent): Laboratory based micro-CT at UGCT and the potential of a microCT endstation at DUBBLE
  • 12:10 – 12:30: Prof. Bart Goderis (DUBBLE steering committee chairman, KU Leuven): The future of the DUBBLE beam lines.     
  1. The scientific afternoon session (13:45 – 16:09): Established and young scientists will give you a flavor of the great diversity of scientific matters that have been benefitting from experiments at synchrotron sources. The relevance of the approaches provided by the DUBBLE beam lines will be highlighted.
  • 13:45 – 14:03: Prof. Laszlo Vincze (Universiteit Gent): Micro and nanoscale characterization of matter from deep Earth to interstellar space using synchrotron X-rays
  • 14:03 – 14:21: Dr. Christoph Adelmann (IMEC): EXAFS and materials research at imec
  • 14:21 – 14:39: Dr. Vesna Middelkoop (VITO): 5D operando tomographic diffraction imaging
  • 14:39 – 14:57: Dr. Janne-Mieke Meijer (University of Amsterdam): Self-assembly of colloidal cubes revealed with microradian SAXS at DUBBLE
  • 14:57 – 15:15: Dr. Martin Rosenthal (ESRF, ID13): The in-situ combination of synchrotron micro-focus X-ray scattering and fast scanning nanocalorimetry
  • 15:15 – 15:33: Prof. Lino Da Costa Pereira (KU Leuven): Studying functionalization of 2D materials using synchrotron radiation techniques.
  • 15:33 – 14:51: Prof. Wouter Marchal (UHasselt): Unraveling the crucial role of intermediates in self-reducing molecular metal inks with quick-EXAFS
  • 15:51 – 16:09: Prof. Koen Janssens (Universiteit Antwerpen): Synchrotron radiation and cultural heritage

The informal discussion sessions: During the lunch (12:30 – 13:45) and reception (16:09 – 17:30) sessions, informal discussions can take place. To facilitate the discussion, the opportunity is offered to all attendees to present scientific achievements or future aspirations and ideas by means of a poster.

Participation is free of charge. Registration by February 28, however, is compulsory. Titles of posters need to be registered as well. For registration, please use the following link:


This meeting is organized by the promoters of the FWO IRI project, The DUBBLE Beam Lines at the ESRF: Extremely brilliant X rays for revealing the structure and function of atoms, molecules and materials:

Prof. B. Goderis, Prof. Dr. K. Temst and Prof. Dr. C.E.A. Kirschhock (KU Leuven); Prof. Dr. L. Vincze, Prof. Dr. D. Poelman, Prof. Dr. C. Detavernier (Universiteit Gent); Prof. Dr. K. Janssens (Universiteit Antwerpen); Prof. Dr. M.K. Van Bael (Hasselt University); Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Terryn (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Dr. S. McMitchell (IMEC) and Dr. R. Snellings (VITO).


Financial support, facilitating access to the ESRF and DUBBLE, is provided by:


The organizers appreciate the hosting of this event by the Palace of Academies in Brussels.



Top image: ESRF (Courtesy: P.Ginter/ESRF)