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How to apply for beamtime

How to apply for beamtime

NOTE: Reimbursement for experiments carried out on the CRG Spline beamline is the same as the ESRF's.

According to the operation contract, 30% of the beamtime will be offered to the scientific community trough the ESRF as for any other public beamline. The other 70% will be managed by an internal Spanish allocation committee. Therefore, there are two ways to apply for beamtime; either through the ESRF standard procedure or through the SpLine procedure. In both cases the same application form will be used but two different committees will revise the proposal. 

Please check that you have chosen the correct submission procedure. During the submission you will find the web page copied below. Please, mark STANDARD ESRF PROPOSAL if you want to apply through the ESRF procedure, and mark CRG PROPOSAL  if you want to apply through the SpLine procedure. There are two call for beamtime proposal per year, deadlines are mostly 1 March and 12 Septembre. But please check for posiible modification.

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Proposal through CRG/SpLine


Proposal through ESRF/SpLine