High dilution XAS station: crystal analyser spectrometer

  • Beam size: 100x200 µm2
  • Energy range: 4.8 to 20keV
  • Detection system: 14-crystal analyser spectrometer (resolution about 1-2eV). The beamline possesses several types of crystals with 1m bending radius:
  • Ge100 (2 crystals)
  • Ge110 (3 crystals)
  • Ge111 (3 crystals)
  • Ge331 (5 crystals)
  • Ge422 (3 crystals)
  • Ge620 (5 crystals)
  • Si100 (16 crystals)
  • Si111 (15 crystals)
  • Si220 (15 crystals)
  • Si642 (6 crystals)


The crystals were provided by ESRF lab or XRS Tech. Please see the corresponding fluorescence lines. Contact us if you need another one.

The spectrometer is CE certified.

The HERFD measurement can be completed by both transmission (diodes collecting the transmitted photons scattered by a kapton foil) and total fluorescence (Vortex SDD detector) measurements.

I0 is measured by diodes collecting the incident photons scattered by a kapton foil.