January 2017: the spectrometer is operational

Top View

Crystals and detector

September 2016: mirrors installation


M1 balayé à l'azote

M1 - retrait du capot

M1 - détail du galinstan

M1 - descente de la cloche

M1 au dessus des cabanes

M1 et son palonnier

M1 - ouverture de l'enceinte


M2 - fermeture de l'enceinte

M2 en place

M2 - mise en place des contrepoids

July 2016: mirror vessels installation


M1 en Place

M1 au Pont


M2 en Place

ca passe!

M2 au Pont


June 2016: table installation

table avec fentes et diodes

table reglages

table sur pieds


December 2015: E4 and absorber installation

Elingage de E4 dans l'atelier

Arrivée de E4 dans OH1

October 2015: Monochromator installation

The monochromator is now installed, ready for cabling and cooling.

Alain referme le mono

Monochromateur côté source

Monochromateur côté expérience

Intérieur du monochromateur

June 2015: E1 vessel installation

The vessel containing the first vertical and horizontal slits is installed.

E1 vessel

May 2015: ground preparation for the monochromator

The concrete soil is excavated and marble is installed.

Definitive ground

Ground preparation

May 2015: beam shutter installation

Olivier and Cyril guiding the densimet block into the beam-shutter vessel.

Beam-shutter: Olivier and Cyril

The beam-shutter is at its final position at the end of OH1 hutch.

Beam-shutter in OH1

May 2015: slits preparation

Densimet slit blades are machined, fixed on the copper structure and aligned.

Slits blades

Eric, Philippe and Nathan aligning the slits

March 2015: installation of the frames for the slit vessels

4 frames

February 2015: first radioprotection tests

The beam goes through RV0 and the delimiter and the OH1 hutch is safe.

William and the the first burnt paper

Fisrt beam footprint

January 2015: installation of RV0 and delimiter

The delimiter is installed and equiped with a cooled Be window to perform radiation tests.


delimitor with Be window for radiation tests

September 2014: lead hutches installation

Former spanish beamline has been partially dismounted and two new hutches are built.

OH1 at the begining...

EH1 entrance wall