The Chemistry Laboratory of the ESRF is located on 1st floor of the Science Building (SB;  labs 102/103, 114, 118 - 121).

The laboratory facilities provide a glovebox (with stereo microscope), fume cupboards and bench-top space. Standard laboratory equipment (such as pH-meter, deionized and ultrapure water, stirrers, balances, an extensive stock of glassware, refrigerator/freezer, ice-machine, furnaces, ultrasonic bath).

Preparation of experiments/proposals

Please note that the proper preparation of a given experiment is solely your responsibility and that of your local contact.

In case your experiment requires hands-on support from the Chemistry Lab, you are kindly requested to get in touch with lab staff as early as possible (contact the chemistry lab staff).

User access to the Chemistry Lab

If you wish to use the Chemistry Laboratory please:

For safety reasons, it is mandatory that detailed information about the intended manipulations is provided well in advance of the starting date of a given experiment.

Provision of chemicals and gases

Chemicals for a scheduled experiment can be ordered via the lab, provided the products are available from a supplier with a rapid delivery service (SIGMA, ALDRICH, FLUKA). Please specify clearly the required quantities and purities and allow for a sufficient delivery time.

Sorry, but we cannot handle last minute orders.

The order and transport of gas-bottles has to be arranged by your local contact. Pressure regulators for inert gases (N2, He, Ar, CO2) and hydrogen (or mixtures of hydrogen and inert gases) can be borrowed from the lab. Regulators for corrosive gases have to be provided by your local contact.

Manipulations in inert atmosphere

If your experiment requires manipulations in inert atmosphere, please define in advance the specifications (glove-box, glove-bag, Schlenk-type glass-ware, inert gas). It is not possible to use water, aqueous solutions, organic solvents or compounds with an appreciable vapour pressure in the glove-box. A change of the inert gas (Ar) to nitrogen or helium is not feasible.

An introduction to the use of the glove-box is mandatory for all persons who wish to work unattended.

Interventions of lab staff outside of normal working hours

This may be necessary for certain manipulations in inert atmosphere, the use of open flames and for particularly hazardous experiments. In such cases, make sure you clarify the availability of staff sufficiently in advance of your arrival.