Fig. 50a: Static structure factor, S(Q), measured at the indicated pressures in arbitrary normalized units. The shift of the peak at ~10 nm-1 reflects the pressure induced density change. The inset emphasizes the absence of any characteristic feature in the 1 to 4 nm-1 Q-region. These latter data were taken with a Q resolution of 0.2 nm-1 fwhm, and the rise at low Q is due to the tails of the incident beam.

Fig. 50b: Pressure dependence of the integrated intensities at the selected Q values indicated in the figure. Open symbols refer to integration from -17 to 17 meV and full symbols refer to integration from -5 meV to 5 meV. The dashed lines were obtained by a linear extrapolation of the data points at low and pressure values. The data points were normalized to the ambient pressure value.