Science at High Pressure: Initiative for the creation of an ILL/ESRF Partnership for Extreme Conditions Science

Dates: 9-10-11 February 2010
Venue: ESRF auditorium
Organisers: Mohamed Mezouar (ESRF), Marek Koza (ILL)
Administrative Assistants: Eva Jahn 



Aim of the Workshop

The investigation of materials under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature using neutrons and synchrotron sources is an important field in modern condensed matter research. Many scientific breakthroughs have been achieved across fields ranging from Earth and planetary sciences to fundamental physics, chemistry and materials research, and extending into biophysics/biochemistry.

The first objective of the workshop is intended to define the "state-of-the-art" in these wide-ranging scientific fields and to establish future directions. Following the round table organized at the last EHPRG meeting in Paris, the second important objective of the workshop is to refine the scientific and technical case of the ILL/ESRF partnership for extreme conditions science (PECS). The workshop will provide a forum to review the current status of the PECS and to establish a detailed plan of actions.

The workshop is open to all interested parties, but the number of participants will be limited to approximately 120. Participants will be encouraged to present cutting-edge research work in the scientific fields of physics, chemistry, biology and Earth science.