The Structural Biology beamlines at the ESRF are constantly evolving at a very fast pace and it is important that the MX User Community is up-to-date with these changes. It is through knowledge and experience of our beamlines that Users will achieve good data collection and can complete their experiments with ancillary analysis. The MX School is therefore intended to prepare the Users to get the most from the beamlines, with the best data quality and the most informative results.

The "Getting the most from the ESRF MX beamlines" school is therefore aimed at younger scientists and designed to (a) introduce the art  of collecting good diffraction data at synchrotron-based MX facilities, (b) familiarize the participants with the tools available at the beam-line to allow pre- and post-data decisions to be taken and (c) present the various ancillary techniques and equipment accessible at the ESRF's Structural Biology beamlines.

The School will last for four days in all - straddling the ESRF Users' Meeting - and consist of two days of lectures and one day of demonstrations and practical training on the beamlines themselves.

Consult the Agenda updated on 27/01/10