Seeing is believing: the future of Structural Biology

Dates: 4 February 2013
Venue: CNRS Amphitheater
Organizing Committee: Florent Cipriani, EMBL Grenoble
Gordon Leonard, ESRF Grenoble
Andrew Mc Carthy, EMBL Grenoble
Sean Mc Sweeney, ESRF Grenoble
Christoph Müller-Dieckmann, ESRF Grenoble
Administrative Assistant: Claudine Roméro, ESRF Grenoble





Aim and Scope of the Workshop

The workshop will explore the ultimate range of Structural Biology at a synchrotron source. Following on from the proposed phase II development of the ESRF storage ring we will explore the limits of the Science achievable for the study of biological molecules when flux densities are in excess of 1014 photon/s/micron2.

The impact of this new storage ring design will dramatically change the way in which Structural Biology research can be performed. The quantum leap in performance expected will require a change in the measurement of diffraction data in Structural Biology. The information content of the crystal will need to be extracted in milliseconds, and one can expect to collect very few diffraction images per sample. Thus we need to consider the possibility that Structural Biology projects will require the development of completely new sample handling technologies and data treatment methods. In addition the combination of small beams, high flux and greatly increased coherence will provide opportunities for types of research not previously considered.


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