USERS' MEETING 2013 &

     Associated Phase II Workshops

     Grenoble, 4 - 6 February, 2013

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The upcoming ESRF Users' Meeting between 4-6 February 2013 will give ESRF Users the opportunity to discuss the most recent advances in science using synchrotron radiation and also, exceptionally this year, to participate in lively discussions about the future of ESRF and how it could be used to solve some of today's biggest challenges in science! 


The 23rd ESRF Users' Meeting will take place on the ESRF site, providing the perfect opportunity for European scientists to gather to hear about and discuss some of the most cutting-edge research taking place throughout Europe and the world. The plenary meeting on 5 and 6 February will be devoted to recent advances in science at the facility, and will be preceded on 4 February by a series of parallel workshops about current challenges in science and how they could be addressed through the ESRF Upgrade Programme.

With Phase I well underway, the ESRF is currently engaged in the definition of Phase II of the Upgrade Programme. The starting point for the discussions is the proposal for a low-emittance, high-brilliance source employing a new storage ring featuring a new lattice which would allow the brilliance of the source to  be hosted by a factor of 30-40. The ESRF is inviting all its Users to a series of workshops, held in  conjunction with the next Users' Meeting for discussion on the scientific opportunities such a source would offer. In all, five workshops will be held on Monday 4 February 2013, preceding the Users' Meeting on 5-6 February 2013 during which feedback from the workshops will be given and further discussion encouraged.



Young Scientist Award


YSA 2012

Irene Zanette (right) receiving from Lawrence Margulies the Young Scientist Award in 2012


The 2013 Users' Meeting & Associated Phase II Workshops will be the ultimate occasion to express actively your opinion and to contribute to decisions about the future evolution of the facility. The presence and participation of all ESRF Users, including those involved in the industrial activities of the facility, is strongly encouraged.

Details on the Upgrade Programme

More Information on Phase II Proposal
More Information on the Lattice Upgrade


The PLENARY MEETING  will be held on site on Tuesday, February 5 and Wednesday morning, February 6, and will feature:

  • 2 keynote lectures and 4 plenary lectures by world leading scientists covering a large spectrum of ESRF activities;
  • a report from the ESRF Directors on the status of the facility and on the proposal for Phase II of the Upgrade Programme;
  • a talk by the winner of the prestigious "ESRF Young Scientist Award";
  • on the afternoon of 5 February, a session dedicated to feedback from the five Phase II Workshops, further discussion on the Phase II proposal and a round-up of the outcome of these discussions.

In the evening of the 5 February a poster session and cocktail, as well a banquet held at the ESRF restaurant on site, will give all participants the opportunity to discover more exciting new science, to discuss with fellow researchers and debate the scientific prospects on the Upgrade Programme Phase II, and to stimulate new ideas and new scientific collaborations.




As in past years, the Users' Organization solicits nominations for the 2013 Young Scientist Award.

Nominations for this award should be sent no later than 14 December 2012.



Five Upgrade Programme Phase II Workshops will be organized on or around the ESRF site on Monday 4 February 2013:


On behalf of the Users' Organization, I cordially invite you to the 2013 ESRF Users' Meeting & Associated Phase II Workshops to express your opinion and to meet fellow users, get inspired, establish new scientific collaborations, express your opinion and learn about future opportunities offered by the ESRF for your research.


Chiara Maurizio
Chairperson of the Users' Organization



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