New opportunities and challenges for liquid and amorphous materials science
 Dates:  3-4-5 September, 2008
 Venue:  ESRF Auditorium


Organising Committee:

Giulio Monaco (ESRF, France)
Tullio Scopigno (CNR INFM, Italy)

Invited speakers and abstracts


Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to highlight new horizons in the field of liquid and amorphous materials, with special emphasis on those which can be tackled with Synchrotron and Neutron radiation related methods.  

Topics will include nucleation and glass formation, dynamics at THz frequencies, interfacial phenomena, warm dense matter, dynamical heterogeneities, metallic systems. The evolutionary lineage, state of the art and future developments of related methodologies will be presented: Modern EXAFS and Diffraction, Inelastic Scattering of X-rays and Neutrons, Time resolved Pump and Probe experiments, ab initio numerical studies.

Special attention will be devoted to science at extreme conditions and related setups: levitation, laser melting, high pressure and temperature conditions.