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2-4 June, 2008
Venue: ESRF Auditorium

Organizing Committee

  • ESRF Grenoble: Alberto BRAVIN, Yolanda PREZADO, Géraldine LE DUC, Elke BRÄUER-KRISCH, Raphaël SERDUC
  • INSERM Grenoble: Boudewijn VAN DER SANDEN, François ESTÈVE, Hélène ELLEAUME
  • Administrative assistant: Myriam DHEZ

Aim of the workshop

Synchrotron radiation (SR) is an innovative tool for the treatment of brain tumours. It has seen great development over the past 5 years. New knowledge in the field of cancer research using the specific features such as flux, divergence and monochromaticity, provided by a third-generation synchrotron source have permitted more than 20 research teams working at 4 leading facilities (ESRF, BNL, SPring8, CLS) to study the advantages of such beams with cells, tissues and organs. This is an interdisciplinary research field that involves expertise in a multitude of domains, including radiobiology (cell reparation mechanisms), oncology (tumour development and models), chemistry (biocompatible contrast agents for local dose enhancement), immunology (immunoresponse to treatment), physics (optimisation of local dose delivery, treatment planning). The ESRF Medical Beamline, ID17, is currently undergoing a full refurbishment for preparing clinical trials.

The aim of the workshop is to stimulate further interaction between the teams working in the various fields, to encourage the involvement of new medical and biology experts from related fields and to promote new science and knowledge. Appropriate time will be given to discussions.