February 6-9, 2006


Aim of the School

The synchrotron light at the ESRF opens possibilities for a wide range of studies in different scientific fields like archeology, biology, chemistry, material science, medicine, geoscience including paleontology and physics. The goal of this school is to give the participants an overview of the many scientific opportunities at the ESRF beamlines.

This school is dedicated to participants who have never carried out experiments at the ESRF.

The first day of the school is common for all the participants:

The programme for this day includes general information about the ESRF, operation of the machine and general lectures on the use of synchrotron light for imaging, scattering, spectroscopy and diffraction experiments.

In the second part of the school, illustrative examples will be given of the science carried out at the different beamlines accompanied by visits to the beamlines to illustrate how the experiments that formed the basis for the scientific results were performed.

The participants have the possibility to follow either :

- a more biologically oriented programme organized by the Macromolecular Crystallography, the Soft Condensed Matter. and the Imaging groups

- or a more physics oriented programme organized by the X-ray Absorption and Magnetic Scattering, the High Resolution and Resonance Scattering, the Surfaces and Interfaces, and the Materials Science groups.

On Tuesday 7, and Wednesday 8, the ESRF Users' Meeting is embedded in the school.

As part of the school for New Users, the participants are invited to the ESRF Users' Meeting, where they can learn about exciting science carried out at the ESRF.


Registration Conditions

There are bursaries available for up to 40 new users.

The bursary covers the registration fees, 5 nights accommodation at the ESRF Guesthouse, and lunch at the ESRF-ILL common restaurant, coffee breaks, as well as social events organized by the ESRF, from Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon; travel expenses, additional nights (or accommodation in a hotel) and meals, remain at the participant's costs.

To apply for the bursary, interested participants should send by post :

  • a motivated letter for attending the school, considering their experimental work
  • a short CV with scientific background
  • a support letter from their supervisor (for students only).

    to ESRF
        New Users School - Fabienne Mengoni

    Preference will be given to participants from countries that are new or coming Members/Associates of the ESRF.


    Recipients of the bursaries will be informed before January 20, 2006.

  • Travel and accommodation

    Travel :

    Participants are requested to take care of their own travel arrangements. Click here for information to reach Grenoble, and the ESRF (by bus).

    Accommodation :

    ESRF Guesthouse :The accommodation is organized at the ESRF Guesthouse for all participants who choose this option. In this case, the booking is made via the registration form.

    Hotel in town : Participants who want to book a hotel in town, are requested to take care of their own accommodation arrangements ; There will be no financial participation from the organisers.

    Administrative coordinators

  • Fabienne Mengoni - Tel : +33 (0) 476 88 20 44 - Send an email
  • Aurélie Hervieu - Tel : +33 (0) 476 38 88 19 79