Grenoble, 7 to 13 October 2007

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In this wide field of Structural Biology many Synchrotron Radiation techniques are used to gain insight into the function of complex biological systems, this study is increasingly multidisciplinary. It is not straightforward to choose, within the spectrum of analytical tools available , the best techniques for a given scientific question. In this context, HSC6 will allow scientists interested in structure in biology to gain experience in state of the art synchrotron techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to explore structure from the micron to atomic scale. The methods explored will include small angle scattering, macromolecular crystallography, biological X-ray fluorescence imaging, circular dichroism and X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The course will combine lectures and practicals in equal part.


Sylvain Bohic, Sean McSweeney, Narayanan Theyencheri

Secretariat: N. Petricola (ESRF)

Contact the Organisers of HSC6: Sylvain Bohic, Sean McSweeney, Narayanan Theyencheri and N. Petricola




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