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Using synchrotron sources for nanosciences is already well developed and keeps improving since these sources and their instrumentation are constantly progressing and are more adapted to a large range of studies conducted on semiconductors, magnetism and biomedicine.

HSC10 will cover these different aspects and will take place in Grenoble from 18 to 22 may 2009.

After a scientific introduction, the first two days of the course will highlight the x-ray techniques used and advances made in the optics that allow to focus the X-ray beam to nanometre dimensions. The third and fourth day will be totally devoted to practical courses on several synchrotron beamlines and the last day will be dedicated to applications in different subjects ranging from quantum dots to magnetism in nanodomains and to nanoparticles in biomedicine.



José Baruchel (ESRF), Nick Brookes (ESRF), Manfred Burghammer (ESRF), Till Hartmut Metzger (ESRF), Sakura Pascarelli (ESRF)

Secretariat: Nadine Petricola (ESRF)


The Organisers of HSC10: J. Baruchel, N. Brookes, M. Burghammer, T.H. Metzger, S. Pascarelli, N. Petricola





Ville de Grenoble
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