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Where science never sleeps


Sleepless night are common among scientists that come to the ESRF to carry out experiments. They all know too well that precious beamtime should be used to the maximum, so working 24 hours a day is not unusual. Now a team from Nature magazine has followed different teams of users at the ESRF for a whole day. The result: an unprecedented insight of life at the ESRF for the general audience.

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The journalists from Nature visited the ESRF at the end of last year and tried to get into the researchers' skin as they followed them at work. They shared all the moments with the researchers, from the excitement of the start of the experiment, to the frustration where technical challenges arise as well as the Eureka moments, when researchers feel that their patience and perseverance pays off. 

The result is a feature article in Nature that you can read here and a 6-minute video that you can watch here.