For each scheduled proposal, the ESRF generates a UNIX account on the NICE system - ESRF Networked Interactive Computing Environment -  for the collection and transfer of the data generated on the beamline during the experimental session. The account

  • can be accessed by using a specific login and password assigned to the proposal
  • is open10 days before the starting date of the scheduled beamtime (except for Structural Biology experiments for which it is open 30 days before the experimental starting date).
  • is closed automatically and data deleted, without notice, 90 days after the end date of the experimental session


The login corresponds to the experiment number. For example, for the experiment CH-1000, the login is: ch1000 (case-sensitive: small letters only)


The initial password is

  • randomly generated by the system
  • available to all users registered on the A Form
  • available to the local contact of the experimental session

To find the initial password

  • Go to the User Portal
  • Choose tab 'Proposals/Experiments'
  • Select 'A Form'
  • Select 'View A Form'
  • In the tab 'Session', see 'Initial password'

Modifying the password

The initial password may be modified by any of the users participating in the experimental session:

  • while at the ESRF: via the ESRF site password application (intranet):
  • From elsewhere: once logged in to the NICE account, through the command 'sitepasswd' (see 'External Access' below)

Note: The password displayed in the A Form is the 'initial password' generated by the system. If it is modified, the new password of the proposal will no longer be displayed via the A Form (a message will inform the users that a new password has been created). The new password will remain totally confidential.

Therefore, the user who modifies the password must communicate it to the other members of the team and the Local Contact.     

NICE account and password for LTP and BAG experiments

The password is associated to the proposal number: the password to access the NICE account of a BAG or LTP proposal will remain the same for all experimental sessions scheduled for a BAG proposal and a LTP proposal, during their period of validity.

How to access your NICE account from outside the ESRF

You can access your NICE account from outside the ESRF, by using SSH. Find out How to set-up SSH. SSH can also be used to change your password on the NICE account.