The available SAXS, WAXS, USAXS and XPCS detectors are listed below:

Eiger2 4M: This is the main pixel detector for SAXS and USAXS (max 1000 fps).

Eiger 500K: This is a supplementary pixel detector used mainly for XPCS (max 23000 fps).

Rayonix LX 170HS: This is a CCD based detector for WAXS (max 80 fps).

FReLoN 4M Kodak CCD: This is an older USAXS detector, which is a fiber optically coupled FReLoN (Fast-Readout Low Noise) CCD detector based on Kodak KAF-4320 image sensor (max 5 fps).

The master controller for time resolved SAXS/WAXS/USAXS data acquisition is the MAESTRIO device that replaced the former compact PCI module  (C216) and it consists of a time frame generator (TFG) with 8 programmable outputs and a 32 bit, 20 channel multi channel scaler (MCS).


Schematic diagram of the data acquisition scheme involving multiple detectors and external synchronization.

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