Local Contact support

Generally, at the Cryobench the same level of Local Contact support is provided as on X-ray beamlines, i.e., you will receive an introduction into the necessary instruments, but you are expected to perform the measurements yourselves.

For more complicated experiments, however, it will be possible to provide more extensive support, where the Local Contact may perform most of the measurements. Note that this will usually require a prior agreement about a possible coauthorship for resulting publications.

Reference publications

If you publish data which was obtained in the Cryobench lab, please acknowledge use of the facility in the Methods or Acknowledgements section and cite the following paper :

von Stetten D, Giraud T, Carpentier P, Sever F, Terrien M, Dobias F, Juers DH, Flot D, Mueller-Dieckmann C, Leonard GA, de Sanctis D and Royant A. “In crystallo optical spectroscopy (icOS) as a complementary tool on the macromolecular crystallography beamlines of the ESRF” (2015) Acta Cryst. D71, 15-26

For specific Raman spectroscopy citation:

Carpentier P, Royant A, Ohana J, Bourgeois D. "Advances in spectroscopic methods for biological crystals. 2. Raman spectroscopy." (2007) J. Appl. Crystallogr. 40, 1113-1122.