In order to keep the Control Cabin as quieter as possible and optical / experimental hutch as much vibration-free as possible, the CPU of any machines located in those room have been moved either to the outside freeway or to the hardware room (see layout). More information concerning all the MX beamlines can also be found in the common web pages


Computer Layout

Control Computers

basil is a linux PC which has the central role in this setup. It is the machine users sit in front of to carry out their experiment. Screen-Keyboard-Mouse are located in the control cabin and the CPU in the hardware room.

This computer runs:

  • Exes - Synopsis software (diplayed on Synopsis PC)
  • Exes - Hutch software (displayed on buttonbox PC)

This computer runs ans displays:

  • OH1 SPEC session - Exes Control Panel
  • camoh1/cameh1 (right screen) SPEC sessions and PyDis, X-ray Camera display software (left screen)

This computer displays:

  • EH1 SPEC session
  • Exes - Exp software (left screen)
  • ADXV, diffraction image display software (left screen)
  • DNA, data collection and processing software (left screen)
Except Newplot and cameh1/camoh1/Pydis, all these programmes are started and displayed on their allowed screen by typing on a basil X-term "id23".
lid231 is a linux PC located in the rack outside the optic hutch (without screen). It controls the optic hutch elements.
This computer runs:
  • Micos controler device server for the monochromator
  • Beamline vacuum valves device server
  • Fluorescence detector (Rontec) controler device server
  • Thermo couples device servers
  • Cryostream (Oxford) device server


lid232 is a linux PC located in the hardware room rack (without screen).

This computer runs:

  • EH1 SPEC session
  • The Galil card device server for the phi axis
  • The Falcon card device server, image graber for the on axis camer
  • ProDC, the data collection software


adsc231ctrl is a Linux Suse8.2 PC controlling the ADSC detector. It is located in the freeway between ID23-1 and ID22.


This computer runs:

  • ADSC device server master PC of the the 9 windows PC


pcsc3-id231 is a windows PC controlling the sample changer. it shares mouse-screen-keyboard with buttonbox. The CPU is located in the hardware room.


This computer runs:

  • Sample changer device server


manuel is a windows NT machine fitted with two Matrox Meteor 2 Cards where the four X-ray cameras have been plugged. It is located in the first rack in the hardware room. This machine also runs the device server for these cameras and it is called Meteor2 (icon on the Desktop). It shares the display-keyboard-mouse with Polly.


buttonbox is a linux PC used only to display Exes - hutch software. Its CPU is located in the hardware room. Screen-Keyboard-Mouse are next to the diffractometer in the experimental hutch to play the role of button box to move the diffractometer motors.


synopsis is a linux PC used to display Exes - Synopsis on the Nec LCD 3000 screen on the wall.


Processing Computers:

brian is a Linux PC running DNA sofware. Users can use it  as a terminal dual screen display to process data on kala which is a 10-cpu machine devoted to data processing.


zebulon ( is linux PC fitted with a 21" screen and stereo card and glasses. This machine can be used for data collection processing as a terminal for running data processing software on kala (login with MX number, WT number or IX number).


sneezy ( is linux PC fitted with a 21" screen. Screen-Keyboard-Mouse are located in the control cabin and the CPU in the hardware room.


benoit ( is Windows XP PC fitted with a 21" screen devoted to data backup.