Our Monochromator hutch is under a He surpression atmosphere.

From time to time, He bottle level has to be checked and He bottle has to be changed:

What to do when there is no more Helium in the Monochromator hutch

We use a liquid He vessel to have He flux in Mono chamber   He Level in Mono Hutch - Visualization on Monitor in Control Room

Ball must be between 2 marks
Ball down means there is NO MORE He in Mono chamber. Stop immediately the beam! Danger for Be window !!!!

To change He bottle

1) First thing to do:
Close mechanical valve 0 in Experimental hutch
  2) Close mechanical valve 1 in Mono hutch

3) Close mechanical valve 3 in Mono hutch   4) You are ready to pump Mono chamber
Connect pumping group to Mono chamber

5) Verify that Mono Hutch Electronic Valves are open   6) Open completely mechanical valve 2 in Mono hutch to pump the whole chamber
Image 'vacuum synopsis'  

7) Call Floor coordinator (25-25) to get a new liquid He bottle
Connect it - Note new date on camera field of view

9) Close mechanical valve 2 - Stop pumping
11) Do not forget to reopen mechanical valve 0 in Experimental Hutch before working
  8) Check vacuum state on jauge

10) Open mechanical valve 1, then 3
He surpression must go up the ball