Construction of dispersive XAS beamline (ID24) nears completion


Construction work at ID24 is being completed, and this new facility for dispersive XAFS will be delivered to the scientific staff for commissioning towards the beginning of May 2011.

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The new ID24 sector will host two complementary energy-dispersive XAS spectrometers (EDXAS_S and EDXAS_L) which will use beam on a time-shared basis. EDXAS_S will feature a small focal spot, of the order of 3 microns FWHM in both directions, optimized for studies of matter at extreme conditions. An "in-situ" laser heating facility will be available for studies of matter at very high pressures (P > 100 GPa) and temperatures (T > 3000 K) using diamond anvil cells. EDXAS_L will offer a focal spot of variable size, from 10-200 microns FWHM. The experimental station will be equipped for studies of magnetism under very high pulsed magnetic fields and for time-resolved XAS investigations in materials science, chemistry and catalysis. Synchronous EXAFS and IR spectroscopy coupled to mass spectrometry on the millisecond timescale will be available, providing an ideal platform for understanding the structure-function relationship around active catalytic sites.