The French CRG beamlines (D2AM, IF, FAME, FAME-UHD, FIP) has to make 1/3 of its time available to general ESRF users. The remaining 2/3 of the time is available for researchers employed by French institutions / universities.


General ESRF users should apply via the general ESRF proposal page, using the Standard ESRF proposal box.

To unify the synchrotron experiment offers for the French scientific community, the next proposal session on the CRG beamtime will be done simultaneously with the French synchrotron SOLEIL. The merge of the program committees will allow the users to present a single scientific proposal, reducing like this the number of projects to write. French CRG users should therefore apply via the French SOLEIL Synchrotron webpages

Please note:

If one wants to apply for beamtime for in CRG proposals in standard ESRF proposals
Anomalous crystallography D2AM-Gonio 7C BM2
Small angles scattering D2AM-SAXS BM2
Protein crystallography FIP - BM30A BM30A
Surface / Ultra vacuum IF - SUV BM32
Grazing incidence diffractomer IF - GM BM32


Deadlines for proposal submission:

CRG beamtime: February 15th and September 15th.

ESRF beamtime: March 1st and September 10th.