This is a non-exhaustive set of photographs of sample environments that have been used on BM26B. This equipment is not necessarily routinely available.


Shear Device



Tensile Tester

portabletrek3.jpg portabletrek4.jpg


High temperature furnace for experiments on alkali metals containing alloys



Polymer extruder (Sheffield University

PICT0034.JPG Bracelets PICT0106.JPG


Soot formation in a butane flame

Pict0065.jpg Pict0070.jpg Pict0073.jpg



Extruder sketch by Paul Topham




Caltech extruder

P2090021_resize.jpg P2090022_resize.jpg P2090023_resize.jpg


Anton Paar rheometer (funded by the Dutch Polymer Institute)

P1010025_resize.jpg Picture025.jpg


30 Tesla pulsed magnet (in collaboration with LNCMI Toulouse)

Magnet30T.png Magnet_in_crane.png Magnet_on_line.png


4 Tesla XMaS (BM28)  magnet sometimes borrowed by DUBBLE (BM26B)

      XMaS magnet.jpg  


Tea kettle used for artificial muscle experiments (Sheffield University)