BM25-SpLine incorporates high technology equipment for the realization of materials science experiments, especially in the area of X-ray scattering and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The experimental stations installed in this infrastructure and the available sample environment have been designed at SpLine in order to fulfil the scientific requirements of the users. The complete facility offers unique possibilities due its wide flexibility in terms of beam characteristics (easy photon energy tuning and variable beam size), sample environment (wide temperature range, wide pressure range, many chambers and cells, large free space for user set-ups) and available detectors (point detectors for high resolution, large 2D CCD for high data throughput, small 2D pixel detector for variable resolution, polarization analysis detector, multi-element and single solid state fluorescence detector).

The beamline has two experimental hutches. EH1 will alocate one experimental station and EH2 allocates two experimental stations.

The experimental hutch 1 (EH1) will host a Single Crystal Diffraction and a micro-(XRD+EDX+XAS) end-station.

The experimental hutch 2 (EH2) host two independent experimental stations dedicated to i)  Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction (GIXRD) ; and ii) Surface X-Ray Diffraction and Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (SXD+HAXPES)