BeamLine Review Panel  - SNBL Report (pdf)





Publication rate of SNBL compared to the number of projects carried out every year.




 Distribution of publications based on the data obtained at SNBL in 2005-2007 by subject.


BLRP - Recommendations (pdf) 


   The Panel was impressed by the high quality and quantity of science as well as technical achievement since the last review. We formed the view that the activities at the SNBL are strongly science-driven and supported by an excellent well-motivated staff who are delivering a cohesive portfolio of techniques from the two member nations.

    BM01 is a mature bending magnet beamline where most of the optical components are of original design.

On BM01A, the single-crystal diffraction has produced a scientific champion. On BM01B, the set-up to do almost simultaneous HRPD, EXAFS and Raman spectrometry is unique.

    The available sample environments at the beamline are excellent and well supported. Highlights include the Raman spectroscopy set-up, high-pressure and high-low temperature capabilities. The technical achievements of the gas catalysis rig are particularly noteworthy.

    The beamline has a very bright scientific future building upon the impressive output to date and unique features of the beamline. We feel that the most significant impact will be realized when these unique features are used in combination to solve complex and difficult problems in crystallography, catalysis, and chemical reactivity.


Summary of Recommendations:

- The beamline should continue its very successful phase of operation, consolidating on its considerable achievements.