More and more scientists require that a ‘scientific quality’ image is kept with a fast readout time. CCD cameras at present available on the market offer either high spatial resolution, dynamic range or readout speed. A compromise between signal dynamic and readout speed can be obtained by tuning the camera parameters, but these cameras have a poor duty cycle (i.e. the signal integration time is much smaller than the readout time).  The camera uses multi-channels chips with 2kx2k pixels, cooled to -15 oC to reduce the dark current. This is operated either in full frame mode or in frame transfer mode. These chips give exceptional advantages as regards readout speed using different modes, made possible by its four parallel outputs. A delicate routing of the electronic boards added to the high readout speed at four parallel outputs provides high frame rate and scientific grade images. The system is made of a camera head, a power supply unit, a PCI board for data acquisition and a twin fiber-optic cable. The PCI board 64 bit is plugged in a Linux or Window computer clocked at 66 Mhz on the PCI bus.