On demand of the local contact the sample environment pool can supply a large spectrum of apparatus for experiments under non-ambient conditions, for example:

  • Microtomography furnace, temperature range ambient to 1000 deg C
  • Gas blower furnace, Tmax 1000 deg C
  • Standard furnace tables including Eurotherm temperature controller, Delta power supply and thermostat water bath for cooling
  • ILL mini orange cryostat, temperature range ambient to 4.2 Kelvin
  • Cryocooler Edwards 2/9, temperature range ambient to 15K
  • Oxford Instruments Crystream 700 (Tmin 80K) and Helijet (Tmin 5K)

For more information you may wish to contact B. Gorges (23.95).

On demand and only for experienced users the pool can supply diamond anvil high pressure cells with pneumatic drive systems, contact D. Gibson (28.01).

 Mini_orange _cryo.jpg

Mini orange cryostat


Microtomography furnaces (B. Gorges)