The purpose of NX software is to open a XFCE session on NICE from the outside world.
NX software can be used by any member of an ESRF support group or scientist who has a NICE account...
The NX servers are gateways to access beamlines computers and compute clusters. No application should be run on the NX servers.

- Local access (from ESRF) on nx is accepted, only when it is necessary, otherwise you should use rdesktop.
- SSH clients other than NX (Like WinSCP) must use port 5022 to connect from outside to firewall.esrf.fr.



Download the latest version of NX from http://www.nomachine.com



Connection from outside (ie "at home", at another institute or via "eduroam from ESRF")

Make sure that the port 5622 is open, it is always closed by default, even on eduroam.

Connection from the INTRANET (ie "at the ESRF", or wifi-staff)
  • Host: firewall.esrf.fr
  • Protocol: SSH
  • Port: 5622
  • Host: nx.esrf.fr
  • Protocol: SSH
  • Port: 22


It is often more convenient to use the web interface: http://nx.esrf.fr (Slower than the NX client, because there is no compression)




  • The software is installed as found, some support will be provided but we cannot guarantee that all applications will run smoothly.
  • Port 5622 is reserved for NX clients (Windows or Linux)
    For any other SSH clients, use port 5022 as described in the SSH documentation.
  • Do not run any applications directly on the NX servers, but use the compute cluster rnice.