Control Computers Task Force works with all type of computers involved in the Control Systems at the ESRF. Control Computers are typically rackable PC computers (aka. "Industrial PCs), CompactPCI systems and VMEbus systems. We deliver new systems directly from the Stores, installed with SuSE/Linux, Red Hat/Linux or Windows XP operating systems.

We have developed our own PC-disk management software plug-in called The Rembo Wizard for Rembo Toolkit (a commercial product). It is an Open Source project, hosted by
  To provide better application level development environment and run-time stability, a version management scheme is used to better manage Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4 WS installations on Control Computers. The installed run-time is called ESRF/Linux
  We are maintaining the public ESRF Linux PCI Device Driver documentation site.
  The CCTF specifies high performance front-end computers around the PCI Express bus specification, using PICMG 1.3 computer board based systems.